Why is the Boiler Thermostat Not Working?

A boiler thermostat that’s on the blink can be incredibly frustrating. But, it’s a common problem that occurs in a domestic boiler unit.

Since getting a thermostat fitted on your boiler unit can save you up to £30 annually, and cut your carbon footprint by 130kg it makes sense to control the efficiency of your boiler with a thermostat.

Fixing the Thermostat

Here we are going to talk about how to fix a broken or unresponsive thermostat.

Change the Batteries

First thing to check before moving forward is to change the batteries. Since thermostats vary in type and design, some also require more frequent battery changes, while others do not require batteries at all. If you have installed a wireless system, using AA lithium batteries are a much better option. If the brightness of the LED on your thermostat has faded, or if parts of the digits on the thermostat screen are missing, it is probably due to weak batteries. Changing the batter of your thermostat is a straightforward process, all you need to do is snap off the whole front cover of the thermostat to reveal the battery box. Some thermostats use screws to support the cover so you should be careful while removing the cover.

Cleaning the Thermostat

Some thermostats do not work on batteries and rely on either mercury or built-in batteries that are non-removable and need to be charged, in which case, making sure that the rechargeable batteries are getting power from the power source is advised. As a quick fix, simply dusting the battery with a soft brush is advised especially for older models of thermostats. Open up the cover carefully and use the light brush to get rid of any dirt or dust that’s trapped inside. Don’t forget to clean the contact plates as well as the metal coils inside the thermostat, which also causes inaccurate readings. If you find that the main areas of the thermostat cannot be reached with a brush for cleaning, then use a soft paper by sliding it back and forth in order to clean the inside of the thermostat.

Check the Level and Location

While you’re at it, don’t forget to double check the level and the location of your thermostat. First off, use a level device to make sure your thermostat is perfectly balanced on the wall. Thermostats that aren’t placed correctly can also lead to inaccurate readings, or the total malfunction of the thermostat. Secondly, the location of your thermostat also matters. Most homeowners overlook this small fact, but a boiler thermostat is sensitive to heat. Meaning it should be kept away from heat sources or direct sunlight at all times. Heat exposure is one of the most common causes of a boiler thermostat not working.

Boiler Thermostat Not Working Solution

If you really want to take full control of your boiler unit or heating system. Use a thermostat will be a smart option. A smart thermostat can easily optimize the heating of your boiler remotely, so it is only used when required. This helps reduce any wasted energy and also cuts the cost of your energy bills. Providing homeowners with an upfront investment that offers significant long-term returns.