Vaillant Ecotec Plus

It is amazing when you realize that the Ideal brand has been around for 100 years.

While the brand currently offers a wide range of boilers, the Ideal Logic Plus range of boilers are considered to be the most famous.

Regular Logic Plus Boilers

The regular Ideal Logic Plus boilers require a hot water cylinder. The regular boilers also use a cold water storage tank along with a feed and expansion cistern to feed the hot water cylinder. The cylinder than creates the hot water which is then circulated throughout the pipe-work of the house. Available outputs include 12, 15, 18, 24 and 30 kW.

Logic Plus System Boilers

The system boilers use a hot water cylinder to store the water after it has been heated, so that there is a constant supply of hot water whenever needed. What sets the Logic Plus System boiler apart from the regular boilers is that most of the components of the Plus system boiler that are required to produce hot water are built into the boiler. This is also one of the reasons why the Logic Plus System boilers have gained in popularity over the past decade. Since most of the components have been built into the boiler itself, it means that the boiler requires less space as compared to a regular boiler. This also makes the installation pretty straight forward as well, since there is no need to fix additional pipes for the feed or expansion of the cistern in the loft of a house.

One of the other benefits of getting a Logic Plus System boiler is that it takes less time for the water to reach the boiler from the regulator, since this boiler type does not have a feed and expansion cistern. Right now, there are four types of system boilers in the Logic Plus range of boilers. These models range between the 15kW to 18 kW and are most suitable for those houses where there is no excessive demand for hot water.

Logic Plus Combi Boiler

As the name implies, the combi boiler can provide hot water to the taps and for heating the central heating system as well. This helps residents save space, and make the combi boilers more efficient. Currently, there are three models of the Logic Plus Combi Boiler, which are the Ideal Logic Plus 24kW, the Logic Plus 30kW and the Ideal Logic Plus 35kW HE Combi Boiler which is ideal for houses with four or more bedrooms.

Key Features

The following are some of the key features of the Ideal Logic Plus boilers;

  • Ideal for installation in most kitchen cupboards
  • Preheat function and Diagnostics display offers extra control.
  • A wide range of flue options
  • Integrated Frost protection offers extra protection against cold weather
  • Built-in filling loop
  • Translucent condensate siphon
  • Universal condensate connection
  • PRV wall outlet pipe included
  • Automatic bypass
  • Stand-off kit and pre-piping kit
  • Fully modulating operation
  • Fully ErP compliant