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November is a time of the year associated with savings

400 years ago a group of soldiers saved our Houses of Parliament from Guy Fawkes and his gunpowder, Christmas is around the corner so you want to skimp a bit to be able to splash out that bit more in December and Cyber Monday follows Black Friday where prices tumble to barely believable lows.

But this year’s November is about more than just conserving money; with the Paris Climate Change Conference approaching, the need to save our environment has also become a hot topic on everyone’s lips, and as such The Independent and The Telegraph have both run equally scary stories on the state of our planet.

The Telegraph ominous piece warns that if the temperature of our planet rise by 2°C many of our most beloved megacities, London included and home to a total of some 280 million people, are at risk of disappearing under the rising sea levels. Although the threat isn’t an immediate one it is very much a problem that we need to start addressing soon before the outlook becomes even bleaker than it already is. That’s not to say things aren’t looking pretty bad as they stand, that much is clear from The Independent article that sums up the effect we as human beings have had on some of the most beautiful places in the world. The article is full of before and after pictures of some of the most naturally stunning places on the planet, including the Great Barrier Reef, the Alps and San Blas Islands, and shows how they are suffering under the strain that our attitude towards the environment is putting them under.

At Hassle Free Boilers we aim to show you how easy it is to start saving energy, money and our planet. Roughly 60% of your whole energy bill comes from heating your home, what’s more is that if your boiler is older than 10 years it could be about 40% more inefficient. This means is that for every £1 you spend on heating your home, 40p is complete needless spending; which can add up to about £570 for some UK households.

That’s a whole lot of wasted energy and money thrown in the bin. We want to change all of that so our engineers only install the most efficient (A-rated) boilers on the market and do it with no upfront cost to you, meaning you don’t have to have a find a few thousand pounds to invest in a new boiler to start saving money. We take pride in only working with local engineers, meaning you can expect the highest standard of work done and a minimal disruption to your everyday life. That’s one of the many reasons we have one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings on the market and are Which? approved. So why not contact us today for a free, no obligation quote. It could help save you a small fortune, as well as our small planet.

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