What Is The Real Cost Of Solar Thermal Panels?

What do solar thermal panels cost? You’ll find out in this article!

Solar thermal panels are an eco-friendly way of heating your hot water. They are not to be confused with solar panels, which is a different technology. 

The installation of solar thermal panels can vary in cost depending on where you get them from, and what type of boiler you have at home. 

At Hassle Free Boilers we’re dedicated to making it as simple as possible for you to evaluate the cost of having your solar thermal panels installed, so we’ll let you know all of the costs up front. 

In this article we’ll run through the costs with you, and give you some great information on how solar thermal panels can save you money.

First of all, what are solar thermal systems?

Solar thermal collectors, also known as solar thermal panels or solar water heating, collect heat by absorbing sunlight. They are usually installed on your roof where they are best able to collect heat. This heat is then used to heat hot water, which you can use in your home.

Not only will they help to make your home greener, solar thermal collectors are a great way to save money on your gas bill, too! They are also quite a low maintenance technology, which means that once they’re installed you can pretty much just leave them to it.

Check out our ultimate guide to solar thermal panels for more information.

Not to be confused with Solar Panels (PV)

For anyone looking into solar technology for their homes they should understand that solar thermal and solar panels (PV) are different technologies.

Despite the fact that they both use rooftop solar panels and are used to generate a form of power for your home, that is where the similarity ends.

Firstly, solar thermal collects sunlight and transforms it into heat. However, Solar panels (PV) transforms sunlight into electricity.

Secondly, solar thermal panels take up much less space on your roof. They are also more efficient and can collect up to 70% more heat from sun rays than solar PV.

Two photos of roofs, one with lots of solar pv and another with just three solar thermal panels

Solar thermal panels cost

Solar thermal panels cost £7,500 from Hassle Free Boilers. This is inclusive of the panel on the roof, all of the connections to your existing water system, all of the electrical systems, and a new hot water cylinder. Plus, we’re throwing in a free A-rated boiler too!

We include everything that you will need in this price so that you can easily see the cost, rather than having to go away and calculate a load of additional extras!

The installation of solar thermal panels is a significant investment, however we think that it is well worth it when you consider the savings you can make on your hot water bill. 

Plus, if you were to make use of the Government Green Homes Grant then you could get two thirds of the cost covered for you!

A piggy bank with a coin about to go in it with solar panels by the side of it, on a white background

How to save money with solar thermal panels

Now we get to the important part!

The first thing you need to know is that solar thermal panels actually work all year round, provided there is sunlight reaching the panel. Obviously, the panels can heat more water in the summer months, but in the winter they will still be contributing and helping you to save money on your water heating. Generally solar thermal panels will cover all of your hot water needs in the summer months.

The Energy Saving Trust has calculated that ‘typical savings from a well installed and properly used system are £60 per year when replacing gas heating, and £70 per year when using electric immersion heating.’ This is an average figure, and will vary from household to household.

You can save even more money by taking further measures like improving your insulation, which is also covered by the Government Green Homes Grant.

Save even more with the government green homes grant

The Government has recently announced that it is extending its Green Homes Grant until March 2022, which is great news if you’re thinking of getting solar thermal panels.

The cost of solar thermal panels can be claimed for under the scheme as a ‘primary measure’ meaning that you can claim back two thirds of the overall value. All you need to do is get a quote from us (which you can do below) and then apply for a Green Homes Grant voucher.

How can solar energy be used to heat water?

Solar thermal panels are filled with fluid which is heated by the sun. This fluid is then transferred into your home where it heats the water in your hot water tank. 

This technology is compatible with all boilers, however if you have a combi boiler you will need to get an additional hot water cylinder installed. These do take up some space, but they can be hidden away in your garage or in a loft.

In the summer months you should find that the panels meet all of your hot water needs and you don’t need to use your boiler at all! In the winter your boiler will probably need to come on as well because there are fewer daylight hours and the energy from the sun isn’t as strong. However, the panels will still be providing some hot water meaning that your boiler can be used less than it would have been.

Cost of solar thermal panels with Hassle Free Boilers

Thanks to the Green Homes Grant, if you take advantage of our Solar Thermal Heating Solution (worth £10,700) you can enjoy all the benefits of solar thermal panels, plus a free brand new Worcester Bosch boiler – for just £2,500

The solar thermal panels cost £7,500 in this exclusive package. The government will pay up to £5,000 towards the installation, or £10,000 if you’re on benefits or low income, meaning that there’s only £2,500 left to pay – in the first option.

If you receive benefits or are on a low income, there’s nothing extra to pay.

The package includes:

  • A brand new Solflex Solar Thermal System
  • A free brand new energy efficient Worcester Bosch boiler
  • Kingspan hot water cylinder
  • HIVE smart controllers
  • 10 year government backed HIES warranty

We’ll even spread the cost of the remaining £2,500 over three years, interest free (£68 per month). 

All you need to do is get a quote from us, and make sure you apply for your Green Homes Grant.

This offer is only available from Hassle Free Boilers.

The greener approach to heating your home

By taking advantage of our Solar Thermal Heating Solution you are not only saving yourself money, you are doing your bit to lower carbon emissions and save the planet.

For the same cost of a new boiler, you can instead take advantage of all the benefits of having a brand new solar thermal system installed, as well as the new boiler too!

If you want to save money with Solar Thermal panels, and bag a brand new boiler into the bargain too, then get in touch today!

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