Protect Your Boiler This Winter

With most of the UK suffering from sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow, Hassle Free Boilers want to provide you with some simple and helpful advice to ensure you get the most from your boiler and heating system through this “Big Freeze”.

1. Check the pressure

The pressure gauge can be found on the front of your boiler. The pressure should be between 1 to 1.5 bar to work at its most efficient.

2. Bleed your radiators

Cold spots are an indication that there is air in your system. This prevents your radiators from delivering your home with maximum heat.

3. Insulate your pipes

Pipe lagging is an inexpensive way to prevent your pipes from bursting. This can be purchased from most DIY shops and added to the pipework very easily.

4. Keep your heating on a low temperature throughout the night

This has been recommended by Halifax insurance to help prevent pipes from freezing.

5. Check your condensate pipe to make sure it isn’t frozen

In the event you are suffering frozen pipes, Worcester Bosch have created the following video to help:

6. Book your annual service

Give your boiler some love and care by ensuring it is serviced it each year.

Stay Safe and Stay Warm!

Kind Regards
The Hassle Free Boiler Team

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