New Boiler Cost just became easier!

With Hassle Free Boilers there is a payment option to suit everyone. Scroll down to find out more about the different ways you can purchase a new boiler from us.

Hassle Free Option

Our flagship product. We offer a peace of mind option that includes your new A rated boiler and our all inclusive care and maintenance cover plan². This means that you are completely covered from breakdowns, services, call outs as well as any repairs and parts that may need replacing. Your boiler is also covered during your cover with our lifetime guarantee, which means if we cannot fix it we will replace it.

Buy Outright

Many people simply choose to pay for their new boiler outright. At Hassle Free Boilers we do not just sell you a new boiler, we give you installation, system flush and new TRV’s including a new top of the range Magnaclean™ magnetic filter system to ensure your boiler performs at its best from the get go. Contact us today on 03456 47 47 47 to get the latest prices in your area.

The cost of replacing a boiler can put a major dent in any bank balance.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, boilers account for around 55% of an average household’s annual spend.**

In the past homeowners have been expected to pay a huge bill for boiler replacement in one major expenditure. However, UK homeowners now have access to a new innovative funding option – adopted from Canada – that includes the expense of a new boiler, and installation and servicing costs, all covered by low cost monthly repayments2.

In addition to using high efficiency condensing boilers to combat the plummeting temperatures, Canadians harness lower year-round costs thanks to the pay monthly schemes in place.

These monthly payments include the installation of a boiler and any additional servicing extras that may crop up throughout the lifespan of the boiler or the length of the contract2.

Costs and finance options to cover new boiler cost

Paying upfront is a popular choice if monthly payments aren’t right for you. It can work out cheaper in the long term, since the cost of new boiler is wrapped up in a one-off sum – which could be £600-£1500.

With repayment options of three to eight years on offer, flexible finance will suit you if you prefer to spread the upfront cost of your new boiler, installation and maintenance (depending on the brand and model).

The Pay Monthly option gives you a controlled cost that fits around your lifestyle and budget². No hidden charges, no upfront costs. The price of installation is included in the price, along with a full initial and ongoing system check, 24/7 emergency cover and other services.