The Ideal Logic Plus 30kw Combi Boiler Review

Boilers might not be everyone’s favorite topic, but it is important to get it right!

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Choosing the right boiler for your home and for your needs is one of the most important home buying decisions we make. Not having enough hot water or not being able to keep the house warm enough is a problem no one wants to face. Choosing the right boiler system can help you avoid these problems.

The Ideal 30kW combi, which means the energy consumption of 1,000 joules for 1 second, so 30kW is defined as 30,000 joules for one second. This boiler can be used in a medium size home, but it is also available in 24kW and 35kW for larger energy requirements in larger homes. Understanding your home energy requirements helps you pick the right boiler!

Features and Benefits

  • A-Rated Efficiency
  • Quiet & Compact
  • 40%+ Gas Bill Savings Possible
  • Hot Water on Demand
  • 90.1% Efficiency Rating
  • Good Housekeeping Approved

How It Works

So you’re probably wondering how it all works. Well, the Ideal Logic+ 30kW COMBI Boiler, works by taking the cold water straight from the mains supply and heating it through the boiler system on demand. This eliminates the need for having a separate hot water storage tank or cylinder.

Why should you buy the Ideal Logic+ 30kW Combi Boiler? Because the Logic Plus 30kW only heats the water you need on demand, saving you money on your annual energy bill. It also helps the environment, through the efficient use of gas.

What You Need to Know

The stylish ‘cupboard’ fit is one of the most prominent features of this boiler. It can easily be installed in a small space, with no hassle. All the connections required for installation are concealed, meaning there are no loose wires hanging around! The combi system also contains fewer parts than heat only or system boilers, allowing for great ease of installation and saving you time and costs!

Remote Frequency Mechanical Timer and Room Thermostat Kits – The timers included are already pre-wired to the boiler system and contains a 24 hour tappet operation that has an off/timed/continuous feature. The inclusive thermostat can be easily mounted to a wall, along with it’s LCD display it makes controlling your home temperature that much easier!

Mechanical Time, 24 hour – this is a simple plug in option that allows you to control the temperature through various off, continuous and timed options.

Electronic Timer, 7 Day – this is a plug in digital timer that automatically updates the time and allows you to control the hot water and heating system through a seven day recurring timed control of the system.

Radio Frequency Electronic Programmable Thermostat – this feature uses a user interface, room temperature control, hours and holiday mode to allow you to control the heating and hot water temperatures with ease. It is updated automatically with the current date, saving you money! In the Ideal Logic+ 30kW COMBI Boiler it is possible to limit the temperature of the radiator surface using the RF Mechancial Programmable Room Thermostat Kit!

Outdoor Sensor – this allows your system to compensate for current weather conditions! Once installed, if the temperature outside if cooler than it is inside, the boiler system will allow the heating to adjust accordingly. This is a great money saver…and helps you become more environmentally friendly!