The Ideal Logic Plus 15kw Heat Only Boiler Review

“Heat only” boilers are also known as conventional, open vent or regular boilers.

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“Heat only” boilers are also known as conventional, open vent or regular boilers. They are the vintage of the boiler system world. Although their concept is older, they are very effective in the efficient production of hot water and of supplying the central heating system of the home.

They are normally installed in older homes mainly because ‘heat only’ boilers are much easier on the installation front. They are convenient to use, and because they are easy to replace without hugely complicated pipework. The Ideal Logic+ HEAT ONLY 15kW Boiler boasts an A rating and 90% efficiency which makes the decision even easier!

Features and Benefits

  • A-Rated Efficiency
  • Quiet & Compact
  • 40%+ Gas Bill Savings Possible
  • Hot Water on Demand
  • 90.1% Efficiency Rating
  • Good Housekeeping Approved

How It Works

The Logic 15kW system heats the both the central heating and hot water when it has been installed as a part of the heating system. It does also need a water cylinder installed for hot water storage.

The boiler system provides heat directly to the radiators. Because of the fact that hot water is stored, you can use several taps at once. This makes the Ideal 15kW perfect for use in a household with a larger demand for hot water.

The Boiler Controls

The controls of the Ideal 15kW Boiler include an Outdoor Sensor. This feature is indeed optional but very beneficial. The outdoor sensor is how the system monitors the weather and temperature. This includes: Changing the boiler temperature according to the temperature outside. If the temperature increases outside, the sensor communicates the change by decreasing the indoor temperature to achieve maximum comfort. Very clever indeed and saves on your energy costs into the bargain.

What You Need to Know

Everything wears out over time, it’s a fact of life! So, you’ll be pleased to know Ideal gives the Logic+ a full 7 year parts and labour warranty. This is an most important feature of any product, because if it breaks down and can’t be fixed, the 7 year guarantee will ensure you are able to get a replacement.

The 15kW Boiler is easy to operate and boasts a full digital control panel that is very user friendly. In fact, controlling your boiler has never been easier. The built in frost protection feature keeps your system from falling victim to the freezing winter temperatures and maintains full function during any adverse weather conditions.

The compact ‘cupboard’ style design allows for this model to be placed in a smaller space, therefore allowing you more room for living. It’s ideal for smaller properties and flats. This space saving is, without doubt, one of the major “selling points of this boiler. The Ideal 15kW is small, compact and conveniently concealed all connections and doesnt need to have compex pipework. The full range comes in a wide variety of outputs, including the 15kW, which is the smallest. This is suitable for homes with smaller hot water demands and less usage of heating systems. The 18kw is the slightly more powerful model of heat-only boilers from Ideal.

The Ideal Logic+ was voted by Good Housekeeping “Readers Recommended Best Boiler of 2013″ and has won the Queen’s Award for its domestic heating success. This is worthy recognition for a boiler that proves “best in class” time and again for the smaller home.