How a boiler company can help the most vulnerable in society

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It has slowly become the norm over the last few years, we’ve had a mild, almost barely noticeable, winter.

Yet, as Christmas has passed and the new year has rolled on we’ve been hit by some seriously plummeting temperatures. London has been waking up to mornings in the minus, Luton faced an intense, albeit brief, blizzard and those are the least affected parts of the country. Temperatures have tumbled to almost -12°C in some parts of Scotland, flights out of Gatwick and Manchester were grounded and a man was injured in a snowboarding accident in the Lake District.

You energy bill

However, in this day and age of rapid-fire news stories of the good (unemployment is at a 10 year low), the bad (the richest 1% owning more than the other 99%) and the downright ridiculous. Whatever comes out of Donal Trumps mouth, it’s very easy to overlook how the cold will affect those who are most vulnerable people in society. After all, heating a home is quite an expensive business. So much so that it accounts for roughly 60% of your whole energy bill.

Eat or Heat dilemma

This has left a lot of families facing the perilous choice that is becoming known as Eat or Heat dilemma: essentially being left with the choice of either being able to afford to keep a home nice and warm, or having a warm meal for the day.

This terrible struggle becomes all the more upsetting when you consider that around 4.5 million homes in the UK are heated by outdated, and highly inefficient boilers. These boilers can be costing households up to £570 in unnecessarily wasted energy every single your new boiler

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Catch-22 scenario

It’s fair to say that almost £600 can make a world of difference to a family who are having to decide between heating their home or feeding themselves. Yet, this can be seen as a Catch-22 scenario for many people. Because getting a new boiler installed in one of the most expensive household expenditures. Studies show it’s actually in the top 6 most costly household outlays you will ever make. So if you’re struggling to pay your energy bills. In part because your old boiler is costing you far more than it should, how can you afford to make such an expensive investment?

The truth

The simple and harsh truth is that you can’t. Which means you continue the vicious cycle of overpaying for energy that you cannot afford, and struggling with the burden.

Cheapest possible boiler

Some people do try to take the initiative and address the issue. By scouring the market for the cheapest possible new boiler that they can find, but inevitably discover this is never the best option. This is because low prices almost guarantee a poor standard of workmanship and a low quality boiler. Which inevitably ends up costing the homeowner a small fortune in repairs or maintenance. Our engineers have been called in to help fed-up homeowners and have seen it time and time again. You can trust us when we say it’s not worth going for a cut-price and substandard boiler.

New way of paying

As a means of trying to remedy this unfair problem. Hassle Free Boilers have introduced the UK to an innovative new way of paying for a brand new boiler. Adopted from our Canadian cousins across the Atlantic. A boiler that could help save enough money and eventually end up paying for itself.

Our boilers

We offer special payment plans that make a brand new boiler accessible to everyone. Our boilers are installed at no upfront cost, simply one low, monthly payment (starting from £21.99, which is less than most mobile phone contracts) that covers everything; including the installation, an annual servicing, a magnetic filter and any repairs or maintenance it will ever need over the course of its life.

Pay Monthly Scheme

Hassle Free Boilers only work with the most reliable, respected and efficient names in the industry. Including Ideal, Vaillant and Worcester-Bosch. This is because our Pay Monthly Scheme covers everything, including repairs. As such it is entirely in our interest to ensure that we are providing you with the most reliable and high quality boilers on the market.

Our Aim

Reliability is not the only thing we look for in a boiler. As part of the multi-award winning Ecovision Renewable Energy Group. It is our aim to help our customers lower their energy bills. By lowering their energy consumption, and as such their carbon footprint. This is one of the reasons we are so insistent on only supplying the most energy efficient. Thus cost-effective, boilers on the market.

Essentially, we regard energy efficient boilers as part of a better and more cost-effective future. That everyone deserves to be a part of, so that the Eat or Heat dilemma can finally become a thing of the past.

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