Buying a new boiler?

What should I consider before buying a new boiler for my home?

Are you really fed up with the starting problems that are a nuisance for your boiler?

Consider buying boiler if you answered yes to any or both of these questions, you are ready to invest in a new boiler. Even better, choose a combination boiler to get a more technologically advanced result for your homes or offices.

The gas combination boiler or also known as the combi boiler is the most efficient of the lot. For starters, it is a combination of a traditional heating unit and hot water cistern. So you can run your central heating and get hot water with just one device!

Do you need a complete overhaul for the old boiler stocked away in your airing cupboard?

This saves up a lot of space. So, it is an ideal solution for houses with short storage spaces. You only need a space for the device and do not have to put in a separate cylinder for hot water or a feed cistern for the cold water. There might be just one small con related to the device. You will have to wait for a short time after turning on the tap for the water to turn hot. This of course also depends on the boiler’s model and capacity of how fast it can heat the cold water.

How to find the best boiler for my home?

The best way to find an ideal type boiler is to lead the search with features. You need to know what your home needs from your boiler, and then use that as a reference to make an informed decision.

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Boiler warranty

Look for at least a 2-7 years of warranty on your product. It is important because boilers are heavy heating equipment and they do not come at cheap prices. You should be able to look at it as a long time investment and not worry about continuously replacing the device at frequent intervals.

Reviews online

Look for customer and expert reviews online. It is the safest way of finding out about any new product before you buy it. For boilers it is doubly important because being heavy equipment the more research you do before the purchase, the lesser the chances of having to replace the device later.

Returns policy for the brand

The brand of boiler that you opt for should have a good returns policy. Often consumers, especially the ones outfitting their homes for the first time, would have some trouble with finding the best combi variety boiler right off the bat! They should have a good peace of mind when buying the product, knowing that if they find it unsuitable and need an upgrade or an exchange, they can return the product easily.

Access to authentic fittings

You need to buy a brand that also has easily available authentic fittings for the device. This is because you will need to maintain your device down the line and you should not have to scour the market all the time to find a few fittings when you need to replace them.

Energy efficiency

Always find a model of boiler which suits the energy needs of your home. So, if you have a big family and need a combi boiler that provides sufficient hot water for all members, you cannot opt for a smaller model in the series. It will not be energy or cost efficient over long term.

Final Verdict

Before you make your final decision it is best to speak with our boiler expert and ask any questions or seek advice and a quote here or see how much you can save with the boiler savings calculator.

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