Complaint Policy

Complaints Policy

At Hasslefree boilers we aim to provide great customer service. However, we understand that things may not go right first time and if they don’t we have our complaints policy in place to resolve all issues.

See our complaints policy below

Our complaints policy aims to resolve all issues in a timely and consistent  manner, allowing us to properly investigate and resolve the issue at hand.

The use of our complaints policy will also help us improve as a business. When we look into the complaints it will allow us to pinpoint areas in our systems and procedures which can be improved. This will also improve the overall customer experience. 


To put in a complaints please email to get the process started.  

What happens next and how long will it take

To put in a complaints please email to get the process started.  

48 hours  – We will acknowledge your complaint and confirm we’re looking into it. 

5 days – You will receIve a summary resolution of your complaint within 3 days where this is possible 

Weekly – We will update you on our investigation, we will let you know what has been done for far, what is left to do and when we will next be in touch. 

When the investigation is completed, we will provide a final resolution of the complaint. This will be a summary of the issue reported to us followed by the findings of our investigation in clear and simple terms.

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