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boiler thermostat not working

Why is the Boiler Thermostat Not Working?

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A boiler thermostat that’s on the blink can be incredibly frustrating. But, it’s a common problem that occurs in a domestic boiler unit. Since getting a thermostat fitted on your boiler unit can save you up to £30 annually, and cut your carbon footprint by 130kg it makes sense to…

Hot water

No Hot Water

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Your Radiators Need Bleeding Bleeding is the term used for letting air out of a radiator and heating system. Bleeding a radiator involves opening a small valve at the top of the radiator to allow any trapped air to escape. If a radiator will not heat up or if it gets hot…

how does the boiler work boiler not turning on

Boiler Not Turning On

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Boiler not turning on because your condensate pipe could be frozen. Condensation is a normal by-product of a boiler and is made when the gas is burned to create heat. This condensation is discharged automatically into a drain either inside or outside the house. Unprotected or incorrectly installed condensate pipes can freeze…

new boiler pay monthly boiler replacement diverter valve boiler

Diverter Valve Boiler

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Your Diverter Valve is Sticking The diverter valve is a part inside the boiler that switches between hot water for your taps and the central heating. Valves can jam or become ‘sticky’, preventing them from working properly. If a diverter valve sticks, you may find that you only have heating or only…

boiler controls

Boiler Controls

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Would you Like Weather Compensation Control to Make Your System More Efficient? Weather compensation control is an optional control available for modern boilers. It works by monitoring the temperature outside and using this information to help the boiler work as efficiently as possible. Weather compensation control is worth adding to a modern…

boiler service

Boiler Service

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Your Boiler Needs a Service Just like a car or other complex household appliances, regular boiler service is essential to extend the life of your boiler and keep it running efficiently. It’s also a requirement of the guarantee. You should have your boiler serviced each year by a Gas Safe-registered, qualified and…

Boiler pressure

Boiler Pressure problems

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Your expansion vessel has lost its pressure What a boiler technician might say; “Your expansion vessel has lost its pressure.” What they mean: Expansion vessels are found in most boilers, especially combi boilers, and are needed to cope with the extra water created by expansion during the heating process. Expansion vessels work at pressure. If…