Join our growing number of partners, including uSwitch, Utility Point and Boiler Juice, who are reaping the rewards of collaborating.

Why work with us?

A Which? Trusted Trader, Hassle Free Boilers is a consumer focused, digitally orientated domestic heating business, with a platform for product and service expansion. We strive to deliver mutual success for ourselves and our partners.

Here are just a few reasons why you should work with us:

  • We’re unique in the market with a proven model and an unrivalled product and service range
  • We have a clear and unwavering investment plan to drive the next stage in our and our partners growth strategies
  • We are your ideal partner, moving quickly and responsively, our partnership plan offers uncapped additional income for your business

Our partnership proposition

  • We operate a true partnership model of collaboration, feedback and support – it is not just about generating leads
  • We offer a true ‘plug-and-play’ model requiring very little resource from you to launch
  • A range of partnership approaches and levels of collaboration to support your strategic objectives
  • We have a proven commission model that works for our partners
  • We can launch in less than a week from the point of commitment

Benefits include:

  • Expand into a new market – giving your consumers more choice
  • Improve SEO through new backlinks and rank in online boiler comparison searches
  • Meet business, partnership and marketing aims
  • Generate additional income with little effort

Launch support

At launch we would typically provide;

  • A joint branded landing page hosted on our website which can be linked to your website, customer portal or any outbound e-mail. All referrals which come through this page will be tagged and tracked as your referrals
  • An embedded ‘iframe’ which can be placed on your website and a ‘banner’ advert/form which can be added to a customer portal. Depending on your resource and preference this could just be the capture form (so you manage the content) or the whole web page (where we will manage the content)
  • A telephone entry form which should be completed by your contact centre advisors before transferring a call to our contact centre (to ensure seamless handover). A direct submission from your CRM system would be preferable to avoid double entry if this can be accommodated

Become a partner in 3 simple steps


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Get in touch
Fill in the form at the top of the page and we will contact you to discuss partnership opportunities.


Create and launch
We’ll work with you to put together everything you need for a quick and seamless launch.


Pay upfront

See results
Tracking the generated leads you create, we pay you commission every time your lead converts to a sale.