Boiler Efficiency

boiler efficiency energy savings

To increase your boiler efficiency you should consider changing your back boiler as they are really inefficient

You have an old boiler, located behind a wall and fire front, that is inefficient and should be replaced. Back boilers provide hot water and sometimes heat radiators. They are usually fitted behind an open fireplace or stove and are not efficient as a lot of the heat they produce is lost up the chimney.

You Need to Upgrade From a Standard-efficiency Boiler to a High-efficiency Boiler

You have an old boiler that isn’t working efficiently. Recent changes in the law mean all new gas boilers fitted in the UK should be high-efficiency condensing models. This simply means that the boiler will extract more energy from the fuel and turn it into usable heat. Old standard-efficiency boilers can waste over a third of the energy they produce. Modern high-efficiency boilers can be 90% efficient. Upgrading to a condensing boiler can save as much as 40% on your heating and hot-water bills.**

This boiler is very efficient and has a fantastic SEDBUK rating

The boiler your installer is showing you is a very efficient model. SEDBUK stands for Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK. It’s a Government database that provides a simple way of comparing the energy efficiency of boilers. The SEDBUK rating shows the efficiency of boilers as a percentage. The most efficient boilers today are rated as being around 90% efficient. For more information visit the SEDBUK website

  • 90% and above A
  • 86% – 90% B
  • 82% – 86% C
  • 78% – 82% D
  • 74% – 78% E
  • 70% – 74% F
  • Below 70% G