Boiler Cover

Boiler cover

Join one of our industry standard boiler cover plans. Just select a package that suits you best. For more information please visit our terms and conditions.

Standard cover


£167.88 per year

£55 call out fee

Max Cover


£239.88 Per year

No Call out fee

Claim Freeze Period – Customers in their first policy year are unable to make a Claim within the first 18 days of the contract

boiler cover

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A gas safe registered engineer will visit your home at a pre-arranged time to inspect, test and clean the main parts of your boiler. This will help to ensure everything is working correctly and safely. Also to check the parts are doing their job effectively. Your engineer will test the main components and will be able to spot any issues with your boiler

Most boiler services only take around 30 minutes. They’re easy to arrange and quick to carry out, therefore cause minimum inconvenience with maximum benefit!


While plumbers are able to do many jobs related to water and pipes, not all plumbers are qualified to work with boilers or central heating systems. From installation, repairing and servicing boilers, you need a gas safe registered heating engineer. They may also be a plumber, but not all plumbers are heating engineers!

Almost always, yes. While a boiler service is important for ensuring your manufacturer’s warranty remains valid, it is crucial for maximising the output of your boiler. It can also help lengthen the lifespan of your central heating system.

We can service your boiler at any time of year that’s convenient for you. Normally people arrange a service once they move homes and then the following services 12 months from this date. If this isn’t the case, some homeowners favour their boiler being serviced at the end of summer. This is done so we can inspect, clean and ensure  your boiler is working as it should for the coming cold winter months.

There are lots of benefits to getting your boiler serviced. One of the main ones is not needing to worry about it breaking down, as the chance of this happening is reduced following a service. This is because your engineer will be able to spot any emerging issues that could cause your boiler to power down. During the service your boiler also gets cleaned by removing the  dust and debris. This will make your boiler more energy efficient whilst saving you money, you will be pay the less you’ll pay in your heating bills!

Keeping your boiler serviced will not only allow it to perform more effective but it’ll provide  better heat and hot water faster, thanks to being cleaned and checked over inside and out.

We advise customers to have their boiler serviced every year. This is done to keep their manufacturer’s warranty intact and to keep their boiler working effectively. Parts wear out over time whilst dust and debris builds up over time. By having an annual service these things can be tackled and your boiler can be kept in condition. 

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