Would you Like Weather Compensation Control to Make Your System More Efficient?

Weather compensation control is an optional control available for modern boilers. It works by monitoring the temperature outside and using this information to help the boiler work as efficiently as possible. Weather compensation control is worth adding to a modern central-heating system as it works out when the boiler needs to operate.

You simply tell the system what time you want the house to be warm, and the controls take care of this in the most efficient way possible. Controls like this can save you more on your energy bills.

Would You Like to Have Wireless Controls?

Radio Frequency (RF), or wireless controls, pass information between the controls and the boiler without the need for wires. Installing RF controls usually causes less disruption to your property, as you don’t need connecting wires.

Often an RF control gives you more choice about where you put the thermostat than a wired version.

Have you Considered the Type of Control you Would like with Your Boiler?

You have a choice of what controls you can have fitted to help you manage your boiler. Better (more sophisticated) controls will give you greater control over your heating system and can make it more efficient. Basic boiler controls allow you to adjust the heating temperature, and time your heating system switches on and off, and the length of time it will operate. More sophisticated controls allow you to fine-tune your system, allowing you to turn it on and off at different times in the week or at the weekend, and controlling it by thermostats so the boiler works according to room temperature. There are many different boiler controls on the market to help you save money and give you greater control over your system. It is important to check that the controls you would like to add to your system are compatible with your boiler. Your installer should be able to advise you about this.

Technician servicing the gas boiler for hot water and heating and looking at the boiler controls
Technician servicing the gas boiler for hot water and heating and looking at the boiler controls

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