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Atlantis Oil Tank
Atlantis Oil Tank

We offer two levels of service:


Supply and delivery only

Pick a tank from our range and any accessories you need, then we will deliver it directly to your home address, normally within 2 days of your order. All of our prices are fixed and include standard kerbside delivery. We recommend that you arrange your delivery for the same day as the planned installation. If you live in a hard to reach place or have specific delivery requirements then please call us.

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Full installation service

Our all-inclusive hassle free supply and installation service includes the following.

  • Disconnection, removal and recycling of your old tank
  • Disposal of any waste oil or transfer of usable oil from your old tank to the new tank
  • Supply and delivery of your new tank and any accessories
  • Construction of a new base where required
  • Installation and connection of your new tank

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All of our quotes are fixed (subject to survey) so there will be no surprises on the day.

Atlantis Oil Tank

The rules and regulations surrounding domestic oil storage tanks can be confusing, so to help you we have summarised the key information that homeowners need to be aware of. The information on this page applies to oil storage tanks up to 3,500 litres capacity supplying private domestic homes only and is intended as a general guide. If you are unsure about the correct requirements for your property then please contact us.

Depending on where you live, regulations may vary slightly. Hassle Free Boilers has taken the decision to adhere to the strictest controls within England and Wales so we will have a solution for you no matter where you live.

About your oil tank

Modern oil storage tanks come in all shapes and sizes and can be made from plastic or steel. The size and type that you need will depend on your individual requirements. It is recommended that the chosen tank is manufactured to OFTEC Standards (OFS T100 for plastic or OFS T200 for steel). All tanks supplied and installed by Hassle Free Boilers conform to these standards.

Your oil tank should be inspected annually as part of your heating system’s regular service visit. Oil tanks, like all heating products, have an expected working life (typically 20 years) and, if used beyond this time, the risk of a costly tank failure increases.

Tank location

Domestic oil tanks are generally very safe and it is unlikely that a fire could be started by a domestic oil storage tank and its contents. However, tanks are required to comply with fire separation distances in order to adequately protect the stored fuel.

Tanks should be installed at least:

  • 1.8m from a non-fire rated building or structure (e.g. garden sheds) or from openings (such as doors or windows) in a fire rated building or structure (e.g. brick built house/garage)
  • 1.8m away from your oil boiler flue terminal
  • 760mm away from a non-fire rated boundary such as a wooden boundary fence
  • 600mm away from screening (e.g. trellis and foliage) that does not form part of the boundary.

If you choose our full supply and installation service then Hassle Free Boilers will assess your installation to ensure that it will comply with regulations. Should you choose our supply only option then Hassle Free Boilers can make not assurance to the suitability of your installation.

Tank base and support requirements

Your oil tank must be installed on permanent supports or a base which is:

  • Adequate for the weight of the tank
  • Non-combustible and level
  • Constructed of concrete, paving stones or stonework
  • Large enough to extend 300mm beyond all sides of the tank

If an oil storage tank is not adequately supported, the tank itself can be weakened leading to the eventual failure and escape of the stored fuel. During the life of an installation an oil storage tank base will need to provide continual structural support, even though ground conditions may alter from season to season and year to year.

Atlantis Oil Tank

Plastic tanks

Atlantis Product
Customer Price (inc VAT)
Atlantis Product R1000S
(inc VAT) £984
Atlantis Product R1200
(inc VAT) £1,080
Atlantis Product H1300
(inc VAT) £1,080
Atlantis Product R1750
(inc VAT) £1,320
Atlantis Product H2450
(inc VAT) £1,320

Steel tanks

Atlantis Product
Customer Price (inc VAT)
Atlantis Product 1050
(inc VAT) £1,149
Atlantis Product 1350
(inc VAT) £1,249
Atlantis Product 2250
(inc VAT) £1,499
Atlantis Product 2700
(inc VAT) £1,599

Protecting the environment

To minimise the risk of pollution from an oil spill, some installations must have secondary containment (a bund). This can be achieved by either choosing an integrally bunded tank or constructing a bund around a tank. The bund must be capable of holding at least 110% of the tank’s contents. In line with our commitment to the environment, Hassle Free Boilers only supplies and installs integrally bunded oil tanks which comply with the highest standards of environmental protection.

A bunded tank may not be essential if you live in England, for example if your installation is not near a river, well or any controlled water. All oil tank installations in Wales from March 2016 must be bunded. Please read here.

Homeowners should be aware that non compliance to the oil storage regulations is an offence and can lead to a fine of up to £5,000.