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We have teamed up with Worcester Boilers and offer you the customer, a wide range of quality top of the range boilers. As part of the Worcester Bosch Boilers Group, Worcester products are designed and manufactured to provide customers with the highest levels of quality and reliability which are synonymous with the Bosch name throughout the world.

Worcester is the choice for millions for quality and value focused homeowners. And in a recent Worcester customer satisfaction survey it has been revealed that we are also the choice of professional tradesmen too.

Worcester was the pioneer of combi boilers in the UK, with the Greenstar range developed to suit virtually all homes. If you’re looking to replace an old combi boiler, or simplify your current heating system by switching, then Worcester boilers are a great choice. Worcester are well known and highly regarded among engineers and homeowners alike for their reliability, and more importantly, their heating efficiency.

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Worcester Combi Boilers

Worcester is one of the leading combi boilers manufacturer’s in the UK. The combination boiler is a rather ingenious idea because of how much space they save, and the increased efficiency that they provide. Did you know that well over half of all new domestic gas boilers that are installed in UK homes each and every year are combination boilers.

Worcester Regular Boilers

Worcester has an impressive range of regular boilers, which are also known as traditional, or conventional boiler types. If you’re looking for a new regular boiler then take the time to consider what Worcester have on offer with their extensive range of models to suit every home.

Worcester System Boilers

Worcester offer a very wide range of system boilers. Not only do they offer a great range, but Worcester are also one of the most celebrated boiler manufacturer’s in the UK. A regular and system boiler are similar in many regards in that they both heat the central heating directly and also heat water that is stored in the loft.

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Worcester Bosch Boilers

With over 90% efficiency, Worcester boilers will help to reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint. They can enhance heating and hot water performance in all sizes of homes, including those with two or more bathrooms, and where mains water pressure is low. Small in stature The compact size and smart design of Greenstar regular boilers means that they will look great in any home, with several options readily fitting into a standard kitchen cupboard. If you’re looking to upgrade your regular boiler system to an ultra efficient A-Rated boiler then Worcester is a great choice. Have a look at the models below to find out more.

Ultra efficient and economical to run, Worcester system boilers incorporate many of the heating and hot water components found in a traditional heating system, making installation less disruptive and neater. The compact size of Greenstar i System boilers means that they can fit perfectly into many locations, with the 27kW and 30kW models even fitting into a standard kitchen cupboard. With a smart design, they’ll also look great in your home, whether alongside cupboards or placed on their own. If you’re looking to upgrade to an ultra-efficient A-Rated system boiler then Worcester could be a great choice for your home.