Best Combi Boilers for 2017

2017 holds host to many different combi boilers so choosing the right one that suits your home can be a difficult choice. So it’s important to make sure you review your options and make the decision regarding your next combi boiler purchase. This combi boilers page has some useful information including in depth reviews on what combi boiler is right for your house. It will guide you through the main considerations if you’re thinking of getting a new combination boiler this year.

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What is the right combi boiler for me?

The combination or ‘combi’ boiler takes its name from its dual function: it’s a high-efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler combined in one compact unit. They provide heating and hot water directly from the boiler, which means almost immediate hot water. A combi boiler will suit your home if… You have a smaller property, perhaps with a single bathroom, and fewer people in it. This is because the smaller unit means a big tank or cylinder will otherwise take up valuable space, and water pressure can decrease if more than one person uses the water.

Which combi boiler should I choose?

There are two main things to consider before you buy a combi boiler, they are 1) lower tap flow (if more than one tap or appliance is being used at a time, a very slight pressure decrease can occur) and 2) whether you have more than  one bathroom. If you do then you might need a larger model. These tend to be better at mitigating any pressure loss if the system is under any strain. Because of the clever space-saving design and swift water heating function, combi boilers are the most popular type in the UK, accounting for over half of all new domestic boilers installed every year. A combi boiler works by supplying limitless on-demand central heating and hot water directly from the boiler. The water comes directly from the mains, so that water is constantly available, and at a high water pressure.

Vaillant Combi Boiler Range

Vaillant have an impressive range of combi boilers to choose from. With the smallest model being the 24kw, and going up to the 37 kw. Your hot water usage habits, and the heat load of your home will decide the size of model which best suits your house. Many homeowners across the UK are now switching to combi boiler because of the space they save, ease of install, and the ‘hot water on demand’ plus point. Click below to view our Vaillant Combi Boiler Models

Vaillant ecoTEC 824 Pro 24kw ➝        Vaillant ecoTEC 838 Pro 28kw ➝     Vaillant ecoTEC 831 Plus 31kw ➝       Vaillant EcoTEC 837 Plus 37kw ➝

Worcester Bosch Combi Boiler Range

Worcester is one of the leading combi boiler manufacturer’s in the UK. The combination boiler is a rather ingenious idea because of how much space they save, and the increased efficiency that they provide. Did you know that well over half of all new domestic gas boilers that are installed in UK homes each and every year are combination boilers? Combi boilers are both very high efficiency water heaters and they also provide the hot water for your central heating system. Click below to view our Worcester Bosch Combi Boiler Models

Greenstar 25si Compact ➝       Greenstar 24i ➝       Greenstar 28CDi Compact ➝     Greenstar 32CDi Compact ➝       Greenstar 36CDi Compact ➝       Greenstar 28i Junior ➝

Ideal Combi Boiler Range

Ideal combi boilers are also one of the most compact range of models on the market making them perfect for fitting in a small space or cupboard, well out of the way. They are also especially quiet and can be fitted almost anywhere in our house because of this. The Logic+ is an extremely popular boiler, and for good reason. Hassle Free can supply three different sizes of combi boiler. Click below to view our Ideal Combi Boiler Models.

Logic  24kw Combi Boiler ➝     Logic  30kw Combi Boiler ➝    Logic  35kw Combi Boiler ➝

What are the main benefits of getting a combination boiler?

main benefits of getting a combi boiler in 2016

Quicker & cheaper installation

There are fewer parts and pipes in a combi central heating system; they tend to come near enough pre-assembled. Installation tends to be fairly straightforward and no tank in the roof space means less pipe work. Time is money, so less installation time means more money staying in your pocket.


No bulky storage container, and no need for a separate cold water tank or hot water cylinder in the loft. Combination boilers tend to be smaller, meaning less space is taken up. They fit easily into kitchens and storage cupboards. This type of boiler can be especially helpful if you are a landlord and have tenants living in your property. We offer a full boiler and service plans for Landords.

Better water pressure and power showers

Because combinations use water that feeds straight from the mains, the pressure stays high even after extended and heavy usage and hot water is delivered – almost immediately – at mains pressure with no need for a pump so showers can be enjoyed all the time.

Bigger, more extensive range

Combi boilers are growing in popularity, because of this, boiler manufacturer’s like Vaillant and Worcester offer a wide range of models to suit any home. Well-sized boilers are also more efficient than over or undersized boilers.

What should I consider before I buy a new combi boiler for my home?

Do you need a complete overhaul for the old boiler stocked away in your airing cupboard?

Are you really fed up with the starting problems that are a nuisance for your boiler? If you answered yes to any or both of these questions, you are ready to invest in a new boiler. Even better, choose a combination boiler to get a more technologically advanced result for your homes or offices.

The gas combination boiler or also known as the Combi boiler is the most efficient of the lot. For starters, it is a combination of a traditional heating unit and hot water cistern. So you can run your central heating and get hot water with the installation of just one device!

This saves up a lot of space. So, it is an ideal solution for houses with short storage spaces. You only need a space for the device and do not have to put in a separate cylinder for hot water or a feed cistern for the cold water. There might be just one small con related to the device. You will have to wait for a short time after turning on the tap for the water to turn hot. This of course also depends on the boiler’s model and capacity of how fast it can heat the cold water.


How to find the best combi boiler for my home

The best way to find an ideal combination type boiler is to lead the search with features. You need to know what your home needs from your boiler, and then use that as a reference to make an informed decision.

Boiler warranty

Look for at least a 2-7 years of warranty on your product. It is important because boilers are heavy heating equipment and they do not come at cheap prices. You should be able to look at it as a long time investment and not worry about continuously replacing the device at frequent intervals.

Access to authentic fittings

You need to buy a brand that also has easily available authentic fittings for the device. This is because you will need to maintain your device down the line and you should not have to scour the market all the time to find a few fittings when you need to replace them.

Reviews online

Look for customer and expert reviews online. It is the safest way of finding out about any new product before you buy it. For boilers it is doubly important because being heavy equipment the more research you do before the purchase, the lesser the chances of having to replace the device later.

Energy efficiency

Always find a model of boiler which suits the energy needs of your home. So, if you have a big family and need a combi boiler that provides sufficient hot water for all members, you cannot opt for a smaller model in the series. It will not be energy or cost efficient over long term.

Returns policy for the brand

The brand of boiler that you opt for should have a good returns policy. Often consumers, especially the ones outfitting their homes for the first time, would have some trouble with finding the best combi variety boiler right off the bat! They should have a good peace of mind when buying the product, knowing that if they find it unsuitable and need an upgrade or an exchange, they can return the product easily.

Which is the best combination boiler in the current market?

Recent polls by several websites and online retailers have consistently churned out that Vaillant and Worcester Bosch are the two main contenders for the best combination boilers in the market. The brands individually have made a name for themselves in the market for durability, reliability and affordability. The energy efficiency for the devices are also quite ahead of any of the other competitors. Here is a rundown for why each of these is considered best in the field.

You can take your pick from a range of combination type boilers depending on whether you want it oil fuelled or gas fuelled.

Worcester Bosch Boilers

Greenstar I – one of the most popular models in the series of boilers (combi) offered by the brand. Best suited for smaller to medium sized homes. Provides a water pressure that can fill up a standard kitchen sink in about 45 seconds. A gas-fuelled device.

Greenstar Si Compact  – This model is one of the most space saving varieties of boilers in the market. It is easily stored away within the dimensions of a standard sized kitchen cupboard. Suitable for smaller homes or medium sized home plans.

Greenstar CDi Classic – it is the larger variety of boiler (Combi) available in the market. The top of the range model under the brand’s umbrella. It is suitable for the larger homes with a good amount of storage space. Equips houses with two bathrooms and provides a water pressure that can fill a standard sized kitchen sink in about 32 seconds. A gas-fuelled model. This series also offers the GreenStar CDi Compact, which is a smaller variation on the same type of boiler functionality. It however provides a water pressure to fill up a kitchen sink in 37 seconds and can outfit homes with more than one bathroom.

GreenStar CDi HighFlow – Worcester Bosch’s floor standing variation of a combination type boiler. This one is designed for larger homes with more than two large bathrooms. It can fill up a kitchen sink within 19 seconds. It is also a gas-fuelled model.

GreenStar Heatslave series – The brand offers two different varieties of oil fuelled combination type boiler. The Heatslave series offers the Heatslave II and Heatslave external models. Both are suitable for all kinds of home sizes ranging from small to the largest.

Vaillant Boilers

Vaillant has emerged as a strong contender in the market for boilers of every type. They are especially popular for their Ecotec series of combination boilers. The company has a worldwide presence and is famous for its brand value and quality assurance.

The company has also made a mark as one of the few brands in the market that manufactures heating products that function on renewable sources of energy. Some of the most popular boilers (combi) introduced by this brand are as follows.

EcoTEC exclusive – It offers the 32 and 38 kW range under this series. The brand offers an extended warranty on the product for an installation by an authentic Vaillant Advance partner. It has an electronically controllable low energy modified pump, which reduces the energy consumption of the device. It is popular for its ease of use and it comes with a backlit display. This makes it comfortable to use even in dark storage spaces.

EcoTEC Plus combination boiler – this series offers the 25, 32, 35 and 38 kW output variations. They are also very easy to control and extremely stylish devices. They are also available in LPG fuelled varieties for areas that do not have a gas supply. You can also get an extended warranty on these products if you install it via a Vaillant Advance partner. The product is also ErP rated A.