Boiler Replacement

Boilers are one of those things in life that we take completely for granted.

In the UK, heating accounts for more than half of what homeowners have to pay in energy bills each year. Therefore, it only makes sense that you would want to a boiler replacement that is efficient to reduce the high costs of energy.

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Choosing a Boiler Replacement – Modern vs. Old

As compared to older boilers, modern ones are obviously more energy efficient. The main advantage of getting a modern boiler installed is because they are known as condensing boilers. What makes a condensing boiler special is because while the traditional boilers, even when they are well maintained lose some of their heat which escapes up the flue in the form of gases. This occurs in boilers that are fuel efficient as well.

On the other hand, a condensing boiler includes a heat exchanger that’s relatively larger, enabling it to recover more heat. The gases that escapes the flue is sometimes so cold that the water vapour is the gas condenses out, hence the name condensing boiler. This also means that a condensing boiler is able to recover more energy from the condensed vapour. Condensing boilers are also much more energy efficient compared to older boilers. Those homes that have old boilers and have to pay heavy monthly energy bills should try replacing their old boiler right away to save on energy costs and fuel efficiency.

Things to Consider when Looking for a Boiler Replacement

If you have a gas supply for your home, a gas boiler can be your best option when it comes to heating. But, there are other boiler replacement alternatives that can also be considered as a form of a low carbon heating option.

Type of Boiler

Most of the older oil and gas boilers have a separate hot water cylinder for the storage of hot water, rather than getting water directly from the boiler. Whenever you decide to replace your old boiler, you can either get a combi boiler that does not require a cylinder, or you can buy a regular boiler and keep your hot water cylinder.

More vs. Less

Those families who are large are more likely to be in need of more hot water during the day, which is why they will be better off getting a regular boiler. But, on the other hand, small families who do not require a large amount of hot water can go with the combi boiler.

Utilizing Space in Your Home

Needless to say, an older boiler will require more space for not only the boiler but also the cylinder as well. This means more space will be taken up in the basement or wherever your boiler is placed. Combi boilers, on the other hand, do not need a cylinder in order to operate and so require much less space.

Finding an Installer

Since boilers provide an important function in any household, especially those that are located in cold climates, it should not be hard to find a boiler installer near your home. You can also find professional boiler installers such as Hassle Free Boilers online who offer their services at an affordable cost.