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With clear pricing options including no prepayment, changing your boiler just became Hassle Free

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Every new boiler installation comes with £100 in high street vouchers this month only!

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Hassle Free Boilers are part of the award winning Ecovision group.

We have installed over 7,000 systems across the UK

We are a WHICH? certified trusted trader company

You can save an average of 50% on your gas bill

Part of the Ecovision group of efficient energy companies

Government endorsed TRUSTMARK standards tradesmen

Transparent pricing witth no hidden fees

Who Are We?

Hassle Free Boilers are part of the award winning Ecovision group. They have been installing sustainable energy systems nationwide for almost a decade. We have installed over 7,000 heating and energy systems across the UK helping thousands of families to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on their fuel bills.

We pride ourselves on our local service approach. We employ local engineers and surveyors in your area, we also benefit from the advantages of being a large company, benefits that we pass on to you.

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Your Hassle Free Boiler questions answered

I'm Renovating My Property

1. If you’re renovating your property in the next few months we can go through process with you now. This will allow our surveyors to come out to your property, and help advise you on the best location and size boiler for you. We don’t need to install the boiler at your property until you are ready.

2. Renovating property – Long term: If you’re looking to install a boiler in the next couple of years, what we can do is send you over a draft copy of the agreement via e-mail or in the post, this will allow you to fully understand what we are offing and what we cover. We can then contact you in the future and go through the application process.

We're Moving House Or Will Do Soon

1. That’s not a problem at all: At Hassle Free Boilers we have tried to make our agreement as flexible as possible for our customers and moving house is simply something that happens for which we have made provision to ensure we remain hassle free. If you have a Hassle Free Boiler installed when you do decide to move home the new home owner can simply take over the agreement from you, meaning they will get the use of our Vaillant boiler and complete cover.

2. Alternatively, our boiler service and maintenance agreement is there to cover you for as long as you need, be that for a few years or for 12 years. That means that if you do decide to sell your property in the future you can settle out at any point. With our new prepayment plans this mean that to settle out early you could pay as little as £299 in your 3rd year. With our early settlement figures, no matter when you decide to move, you’ll never have to pay more than the price of a boiler. Until you move you can have complete peace of mind when it comes to you boiler and central heating system, as well as benefiting from 40% cheaper gas bills.

3. If you are moving house at the moment, you can still benefit from a Hassle Free Boiler in your new property. By replacing an inefficient boiler in your new home with our Vaillant grade A rated boiler you can look to save up to 40% on your gas bill. Someone with an average gas bill of £80 could reduce their bill by £32. As well as helping to reduce your gas bills, our offer will also give you complete peace of mind for your boiler and central heating system. Helping to take some of the stress out of moving house.

We've Just Had Our Boiler Repaired

With Hassle Free Boilers we don’t have to install our Vaillant boiler at your property straight away, we can install the boiler at any point throughout the agreement.

That means that we can cover your current boiler and central heating at the moment, this cover will include all parts and labour and a full system flush, you can then decide when you are ready to have the free boiler installed.

Is It Cheaper Than Doing It All Myself?

Yes. We take the hassle out of boiler ownership and it’s cheaper with us too. Think of the scheme as a 12 year warranty. Hassle Free Boilers offers you the opportunity to fix the costs of owning, servicing and maintaining your boiler for the full 12 years for one fixed monthly amount. Where else can you get a 12 year warranty and servicing and maintenance costs fixed for 12 years?

Hassle Free Boilers offers the best boiler, with better cover, peace of mind and at a better price than anywhere else and with no upfront costs. Plus with a super-efficient Vaillant boiler you will save up to £300 per year on your fuel bills. With all this you can have total peace of mind and one less thing to worry about.

I'm Concerned About My Credit History

We try to be as flexible as possible to suit the needs of our customers and have created an option to proceed with a Hassle Free Boiler for those who may be concerned about their credit history – If you made an upfront payment of £1799, that’s less than the cost of a new Vaillant ‘A’ rated boiler from anybody else, our decision to move forward with the agreement will not be based on the credit check alone.

Instead we will take a number of factors into consideration. This payment option will allow you benefit completely from our comprehensive service and maintenance cover, including the installation of a brand new Vaillant boiler, complete call out cover, all parts and labour, and a full system flush, all this for the new monthly price of £18.49.

Why Is Your Offer Better Than Say British Gas?

1. We’re Cheaper than British Gas. With British Gas you will be paying around £18 per month for cover for your boiler and central heating system only. This price from British Gas does not include the supply and installation of a new grade A rated boiler. With our payment plans you can pay £17.95 per month, and get complete cover for your boiler and central heating system, as well as a Vaillant boiler. In addition you will receive a system flush, TRVs, a filter and our guarantee.

2. With Hassle Free Boilers you never need to worry about how many times you call us out to your property, if you have an issue, we are here to help. There is no excess charge to you as it’s all included and with British Gas the number of times you make a call out affects your renewal price.

3. With Hassle Free Boilers we will always send our own engineers out to your property, we do not employ 3rd party engineers .We believe strongly that we can only ensure the outstanding level of service we provide by carefully recruiting our own people, however this is not always the case with British Gas.

4. British Gas are currently advertising that their customers say they are 90% satisfied with their service. We conduct a post installation questionnaire with every customer and we currently achieve 95% satisfaction from our customers. What’s more, most of them say that they would be happy to recommend us to friends or family. The ultimate test of all we do is how satisfied our customers are once the installation has been completed and our attitude is always that we can do better so we’re working to increase 95% to 100%!

5. Hassle Free Boilers are Which? Trusted Traders – Hassle Free Boilers is the only comprehensive offer on the market and the only one which has achieved the Which? Trusted trader accreditation

Government endorsed TRUSTMARK
WHICH? certified trusted trader company

We love what we do, and so do our customers

“The whole experience was made comfortable and reassuring. The professionalism of the guys on the installation was second to none and their own post installation treatment towards problems was great. I’m ready for winter now thanks to you all.” Ms Tudgay, Newport
“No mess, no hassle – they were very efficient and cleaned up after themselves – Explained how everything worked at the end of installation – Very happy with the service!”Ms Clarke, Dudley
“Everything so smoothly, fitting staff were brilliant, definately recomend you to someone looking for gas central heating. Couldn’t of asked for better service.”Ms Causon, Bristol
For a very reasonably priced monthly maintenance and service plan, we have had a new boiler, and had it installed with no big upfront cost and it will help to reduce our gas bill.”Ms Walker, Newport
 “The company have kept in touch and informed me about payments, I received a letter not long ago to make sure I knew what was happening with it. The installation was also very quick and efficient. ”Mr Piggot, Stoke

**£400 saving is if the customer converts from a heat only, system or back boiler to a new Vaillant combi boiler. £300 saving on the boiler, £100 saving on the conversion (was £750, now £650). £100 Love2Shop vouchers will be sent on completion of the installation on or before 31st January 2015.  For full terms and conditions CLICK HERE